A twitter bot, to monitor Rockstar's GTA Online Tunables & Outage.
OctoSniff (PHP/C#/NETWORK)
The First & Original PS3/PS4 IP Sniffer. Pulls IP's as well as usernames associated.
Serendipity SPRX (PHP / Web Development)
The Biggest Premium Mod Menu for GTA 5 Online on PS3, with over 15,000 clients.
SkidTools (PHP / Web Development)
A website that offers tools that the average skid can't resist.
SendPSN (PHP / Web Development / Python)
The First PlayStation Network bomber, that sends hundreds of messages at once. Perfect prank tool, to prank your friends.
PSCentral (Management)
A forum dedicated to three social worlds; Nebula Realms, The Four Kings Casino & Slots, Atom Universe.