Octolus; 23 year old web developer & programmer from Norway. Specialized in Network Security. Currently running multiple networking projects such as; OctoVPN, GeoIPLookup & OctoSniff.

You can find me on Sony's "Hall of Thanks" Pre-2018 for helping them solving several security issues in regards of their networking API's. I have also helped Avakin Life, Atom Republic, The Four Kings Casino & Nebula Realms with security concerns.

Current Live Projects
- https://octovpn.com/ - DDoS Protected Gaming VPN 50+ Locations
- https://geoiplookup.io - Geo IP Location Data Service
- https://octosniff.net - Network Packet Sniffer

Hobby Projects
- @GTAoBOT - GTA5 Tunables bot
- @PS4Patches - PS4 Game Update Notifications

Providing accurate Geo IP Location data fetched from multiple providers, useful API's such as VPN Detection & GPDR Lookup API. All of our API's can easily be used in Javascript/jQuery. All of our API's are completely free for non-commercial usage up to 10k requests / hour. After that, you'd need to upgrade for a small fine.

DDoS Protected Gaming VPN. Over 50 locations across the globe, secured with military-grade encryption & Anti-DDoS firewalls customized by us. We also offer 100% private & dedicated VPN servers. We have a total of over 160 servers.

Is a networking tool used both by security analysts & gamers to optimize their game session. It lists network packets circulating your network, accessing the packets meta data & lists it nicely using also our GeoIPLookup service. It requires zero modifications, only requires a Windows Computer. Thousands of gamers uses it every day to optimize their game sessions by detecting what game servers they are connected to, to determine their latency to them.